Think Twice Before You Sign Up for Liberal Arts Education

Why liberal arts education is not liberal at all

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

1. Standardized system

We subscribe to a systemized approach to education. It is a system in which students have to take standardized testings to be admitted to many schools. After enrolling, students are obliged to fulfill a fixed number of credits hours and major courses to graduate. It is a system.

2. Tyranny of dominant views

Jordan Peterson once mentioned that the humanities and, to a certain extent, social science fields have been dominated by the left. On the other hand, some, like Noam Chomsky, argued that academia is dominated by the right.

3. Elitist Academia

Despite the fact that groundbreaking research is happening in higher education institutions, academia feels so distant from the public.

Young and ambitious Korean woman confused about the world. Bridging East Asia and the Middle East; Poli sci undergrad located in Qatar.

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